A partial chronology of events

1957 CIA approves direct aid to rebel Indonesian army colonels.
Mar 14, 1957 Partly in response to U.S.-subsidized regional dissension, Indonesian President Sukarno declares martial law.
May 18, 1957 CIA pilot shot down and captured in Sumatra.
Aug 1, 1958 U.S. begins upgraded program of military assistance to Indonesian Army as “encouragement” to carry out plan “for the control of Communism.”
Aug 1959 RAND Conference on “The Role of the Military in Underdeveloped Countries.” Guy Pauker urges Indonesian Army to carry out “a control function.”
1959-60 Council on Foreign Relations Study Group on Southeast Asia, followed in 1963 by Prof. Fifield’s book.
Mar 22, 1961 CIA memo expresses frustration with pro-Sukarno record of Indonesian Army General Nasution.
Dec 18, 1963 Incoming President Johnson withholds economic aid to Indonesia.
1962-65 U.S. cuts back on military aid to Indonesia, except to selected anti-Sukarno elements of Army.
1965 1958 cia rebel contact visits Washington, recommends Suharto as new leader for Indonesia.
May 1965 Intelligence-controlled Lockheed payoffs to Indonesian influence-men redirected to Suharto’s financial backer, General Alamsjah.
July 1965 Secret contract to deliver u.s. planes for “civic action” to Indonesian Army.
Sept 1965 Indonesian generals warned of impending assassination plots. Planted stories abroad speak of arms-smuggling to Java from mainland China.
Sept 30, 1965 Jani and his pro-Sukarno supporters on Army General Staff are rounded up and murdered. Nasution escapes.
Oct 1, 1965 Massacre of Communists and ethnic Chinese begins. Suharto takes over, closes all papers except Communist and one other on left.
Oct 2, 1965 Questioned issue of Communist paper supports alleged coup attempt of September 30; becomes pretext to continue massacre.
Oct-Dec, 1965 RPKAD Commandos of Col. Sarwo Edhie spread massacre to other parts of Indonesia. More than 500,000 killed.
Mar 11, 1966 Suharto arrests pro-Sukarno ministers in partial coup.
June 19, 1966 James Reston in New York Times describes “Indonesian massacre” as “A Gleam of Light in Asia.”
Mar 11, 1967 Suharto announces that Sukarno is no longer President.
1967 Richard Nixon reportedly tells U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia that “Indonesian experience” shows how “we should handle our relationships on a wider basis… in the world.”
1973 CIA agents in Chile help draft bogus documents alleging that Allende plans to behead military commanders. Small cards distributed with words Djakarta se acerca (“Jakarta is approaching”).
1981 Former cia agent Ralph McGehee reveals cia deception operation for Indonesia in 1965, designed to set the stage for a massacre.

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